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September's Fuel Pack 2018


September's Fuel Pack has finally arrived and we have sourced some fantastic items for you to really delve into! Here's the list of items you can expect to receive in this month's Fuel Pack:


  • Protein World Salted Caramel Slender Blend - High in protein and has less than 143 calories per serving. One of the best meal replacement shakes around!
  • Protein World Slender Pancakes - Packed with only the highest quality ingredients & no added sugar. High in protein and only contains 85 calories per pancake!
  • Nutry Nuts Peanut Butter Cups - High protein milk chocolate combined with the most delicious, creamiest protein peanut butter. 
  • THE VEGAIN BROS CHOCOLATE PROTEIN BROWNIE MIX - These chocolately, fudgy, mouth watering brownies are Gluten Free, High in Protein, High in Fibre, Low Fat in saturated fats Contain no added Sugars or Egg replacers and are really easy to make.
  • REJUVENATION WATER -  Made with pure crisp Derbyshire spring water and enriched with amino acids, the building blocks of life. 
  • Ren and Now To Sleep Pillow Spray - A pillow mist for all sleepers, designed to help you get a better night's sleep. A soothing blend of natural oils known for their sleep-enhancing properties, this mist helps to relax the mind and body, improving the quality of sleep (it's worth £18!)
  • COCOA + DUSTED MILK PROTEIN CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - The perfect treat whilst at your desk, in the office or on the go. 10 grams of protein from the almonds and the Cocoa+ protein chocolate coating is enough to have you feeling fuller for longer.
    • BEAR GRIP HIP BAND CIRCLE - Bear Grip’s Glute Activation Band is a perfect exercise tool for when you're on the go and it's great for for warming up your hips and activating your glutes before training! 
    • Cocoa and Protein Milk Chocolate Clusters- A nut lovers paradise, Cocoa + have taken pecans, almonds and hazelnuts and rolled them in their delectable 40% milk protein chocolate.  You'll be getting 10g of quality protein, not to mention the healthy unsaturated fatty acids from the tree nuts.  



          Limited quantities so be sure to claim yours today!